ARYVVE is a technology company that has developed a Transfer Facilitator platform which will streamline the car and bus transfers across the island of Jamaica, mainly  on the Tourism North Coast. Clients and residents will be able to move around the island in comfort by certified and licensed operators. Designed with a simplistic UI for users with multi-language support, ARYVVE is an all-rounded dependable platform for customers & drivers.

The Company

The transportation industry has been antiquated and has remained relatively unchanged, with minimal use of technology, sub-par service levels, and no national technology brand. ARYVVE is the first national technology brand for on-demand transfers. We offer hotels, resorts, villas and commercial businesses a superior experience built on convenience, reliability and unmatched customer service, all powered by our proprietary technology platform. We provide easy web and mobile ordering, flexible transfer options, transparent pricing, real-time tracking and confirmations, up-to-the-minute ETAs, Runner Ratings and a feature-rich API for a seamless “last mile” logistics solution. ARYVVE is headquartered in Montego Bay, St. James.

Our Story

ARYVVE was born out of driver and clients frustration.  Drivers had long idle times at airports, hotels and resort parking lots hoping to get a transfer request.  The inability to pair drivers with clients looking to experience the island in an authentic fashion was non-existent as drivers were working off a 50 year manual dispatch system that doesn’t create a level playing field for a driver to earn a reasonable income. tired of being ripped off by courier companies he was sub-contracting for. After two years of research and development ARYVVE was with the sole purpose of provide a modern way of facilitating driver and clients transfers in a fast growing Jamaican tourism sector.